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We were opportune to receive complaints from several foreign and national followers concerning cases of scam by alleged Freight Agents of the Cameroon Airports company Plc ADC S.A.


We hereby present to you, for all practical purposes, the following information:


1. As far as FREIGHT activities are concerned, it is difficult for a parcel destined for a country ends up in another;

2. However, when it does happen, it is the responsibility of the airline to dispatch it to the right destination and the company in charge of the airport operations, to call the Addressee;


3. It is always good to go to the Freight Service yourself and follow the procedure for picking up your package.


4. In cases of extreme urgency, you can contact the following numbers, from 7:30am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday:


- Yaounde-Nsimalen Freight Service : +(237) 658 027 671

- Douala Freight Service :           + (237) 242 160 841

- Communications Department :           + (237) 658 266 469 




Cameroon Airports Plc, A Passage To The World !